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  • Indium Gallium Zinc Oxide thin film transistor (IGZO TFT) sensor process qualified!
  • Flexible substrate electronics manufacturing capability added (June 2018)
  • Technology Foundry Capabilities:

               -G4.5 substrate size (730mm X 920mm) Foundry
                     -a-Si & IGZO TFTs, a-Si photodiodes (integrated)
                     -Glass and flexible substrates

  • Focused Applications:

                   -Solid State Battery

               -Chem-Bio Optical Sensor

               -Biometric Sensor

               -Patient Monitoring (ex. Pulse Oximeter)

               -Environmental Sensing

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dpiX  is the global leader in a-Si technology, focusing on top quality research, engineering, development, and high volume manufacturing. Our digital sensor technology provides the foundation for some of today's most innovative solutions in medical, industrial, military and security X-ray imaging. Perfect black-and-white images dominate our world!