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"While Trixell is targeting excellence in x-ray imaging, we rely on dpiX to provide us the dedication and R&D focus for complex designs. As of today, I estimate that only dpiX is able to combine this R&D capability along with the production capacity, efficiency, and reliability that we can convey to our own customers. Despite the geographical and cultural distance between the Colorado Springs setup of dpiX and  the Grenoble/France location of Trixell design teams, dpiX has provided us with the close partnership we were looking for, with always the problem-resolution orientation and open-minded attitude." - Trixell

"At Philips we strive to make the world healthier and more sustainable with our products and services. dpiX is one of our key strategic technology partners, enabling us – Philips – to deliver on our mission by..…  'improving people’s lives through meaningful innovation.' Based on the dpiX products, technologies, and innovations, we can create new differentiating products and solutions to make the world healthier - by making invisible diseases visible and treating them accordingly ….. everywhere, every day. As we all have our personal examples in our direct surroundings it is very inspiring to work at a high tech company like dpiX, contributing to the bigger goal of making a more healthier and sustainable world!!"     - Philips

"Our focus at Siemens Healthcare is to enable our customers to achieve better outcomes at lower costs. dpiX is one of our key partners in medical x-ray imaging supporting our mission. By mastering the sensor technology and the operational excellence in production, dpiX has provided highest performance, quality, and reliability for many years. In addition to the inspiring partnership with this high tech company, dpiX adds value to healthcare. Every day more than 10,000 patients receive diagnoses or are being treated with our systems that are equipped with dpiX sensors." - Siemens