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Flex Product Architecture

dpiX Cleanroom Process Capability

Glass Product Architecture

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Why work with dpiX?

  • World Leader in digital X-Ray backplane manufacturing
  • US based 54.9k ft2 Cleanroom (Colorado Springs, CO)

               -Largest Glass Fab outside of Asia: 730mm X 920mm (G4.5)
               -Ensure IP protection for customers

  • Process Technologies:

               -a-Si & IGZO TFTs on glass substrates
               -a-Si & IGZO TFTs on Flexible substrates (Polyimide/glass)
               -a-Si Photodiodes on glass and Flex

               -Organic Photodiodes (in development)

               -New materials and technologies?  (Yes, in Flex tools)

  • Focused Applications:

                   -Solid State Battery

               -Chem-Bio Optical Sensor

               -Biometric Sensor

               -Patient Monitoring (ex. Pulse Oximeter)

               -Environmental Sensing

  • In-House Design Engineering

               -Rapid product design and prototyping capability

               -Developer design kit available upon request (Note: NRE minimum of $250K please)

               -Experienced in transition from R&D to volume production