Dr. Jerome Crocco

Chief Technology Officer

Jerome Crocco is the dpiX Chief Technology Officer, reporting to CEO Frank Caris.  Jerome joined dpiX in 2015 and has worked as a research & optical modelling engineer, Fab Yield Manager, as well as customer liaison for design, NPI, and Production related issues.  The manufacturing and development issues which arise from time to time can be challenging, but with support of dpiX solid engineering staff, Jerome has enjoyed working alongside as well as leading some of these key projects.

Prior to joining dpiX, Jerome travelled to and worked across several continents with an emphasis on X-ray detection and sensor development.  His PhD studies carried out at the Autonomous University of Madrid emphasized large volume crystal growth and detector fabrication of room temperature CdZnTe spectrometers for medical imaging applications.  He relocated with his family to Seoul Korea to join Samsung Electronics in developing one of the world’s first Spectral Computer Tomography systems for medical X-ray imaging applications.  He was a Staff Scientist with the International Nanotechnology Laboratory in Europe working on magneto-resistive sensors for biomedical imaging applications such as magnetocardiography.  He enjoys the union of physical models with mathematics and programming to solve complex problems and create robust product.

Jerome received his B.S. in Mathematics from the University of Illinois at Chicago.  He received both a Master’s degree in Integrated Photonics and a PhD in Applied Physics form the Autonomous University of Madrid.  He holds several patents in imaging and imaging technologies and has published more than 20 technical papers.  He loves to review papers on mathematics, physics, and thin film technologies, and is always looking for new and exciting research.

Jerome, his wife Maria, and two children Oliver and Lucas live in Colorado Springs and really enjoy the weather, the mountains, and most of all the winter Ski season.  Each year they also try to visit their family back in Spain.