Working in the medical equipment industry, manufacturing products that save and improve people’s lives, provides a level of job enrichment unlike I have experienced before joining dpiX.

Tim Vogel

I really enjoy working at dpiX. The people are amazing. They are intelligent, inventive, friendly and helpful! That is a rare combination. It is a company where everyone is working together toward a common goal, and coworkers are ready to help out, no matter what the challenge.

Kim Skinner

It is a company with a proven technology and a great atmosphere.

Jerome Crocco

I like working at dpiX for all of the opportunities that I have been given. We are not a “run of the mill” factory, and therefore, everyday provides a different challenge or goal. We are small, and no one is just a number, but an actual name and face. It’s nice to see everyone pull together when we are working towards a goal. Today for example we have been lines down in Litho since Saturday. Once the Litho rail is UTP, you will see everyone that has any dealings to do with the fab, pitching in to ensure that most obstacles are removed from the production path, this will allow us to get the moves back on track and reach our objectives needed prior to the August shutdown. It really does take a 'village' when working in this environment and everyone plays an important role.

Charissa Smith

I really enjoy working for dpiX...We make the medical field a little better each day.

Patricia Gonzalez

Most significant for myself is the satisfaction of knowing that our products are a key component in medical X-Ray imaging devices worldwide; which provide doctors with the best tools for accurately and quickly diagnosing medical issues and provide treatment. dpiX is an exciting and dynamic company that is constantly pushing the boundaries of medical imaging technology and manufacturing excellence. With a little over 100 employees, every person has the opportunity to directly make an impact on company performance and management regularly recognizes those contributions. Suggestions for improvement items come from all levels of the organization and management actively considers and acts on those ideas.

Michael Johnson

The dpiX imaging arrays are the critical component for several types of medical imaging systems, knowing the products we manufacture are crucial in helping and saving people’s lives makes me proud to be part of the dpiX team. dpiX provides its employees the opportunities to pursue cutting edge research and develop world class solutions, resulting in it being a high-tech manufacturer with a vision for the future.

John Strombeck

What I like most about working for dpix is the amount of time we invest in our community. We help out our local schools and city parks, we help the less fortunate in our community by holding fun fundraiser, food and clothes drives and take the time to get together and raise awareness to help fight for a cure.

Leon Romero

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