Technology for Specialty/Other Types of Custom Designed, Wearables and IOT Business Markets

dpiX’s technologies are the perfect fit for third party customers developing Custom Designed Specialty products and/or Specialty products for the Wearables and IOT business markets which are uniquely suited for flexible electronics, medical devices, wearables, IOT/wireless sensors and sensor networks.

In addition to our Foundry services, we provide Design Engineering and Integration support services for GEN 4.5 a-Si and IGZO Thin Film Transistors and a-Si Photodiode process development, physical layout, design rule development for manufacturability, device modeling, circuit simulations and full suite design sign-off. The design engineering team is highly experienced in transitioning products from R&D to full volume production.

For more information, contact the dpiX team directly at +1 719-457-7700, or email [email protected]