Based in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and with the largest amorphous silicon (a-Si) GEN 4.5 manufacturing facility in the US, the dpiX Foundry provides foundry, foundry technology and design engineering services delivering high quality digital optical sensor, battery, antenna and display/backplane technologies on flexible polyimide (plastic) and glass substrates.

Standard and Custom Foundry Services

The dpiX Foundry provides both standard and custom foundry services for our third party customers. These services provide an extremely proficient, highly efficient and flexible platform for producing the most reliable GEN 4.5 glass and flexible sensors used in today’s emerging IOT, wearables and medical markets. Our dynamic and focused approach to design engineering and manufacturing allows our third party customers to drive designs with better efficiencies and time-to-market.

Design Engineering Support Services

dpiX also provides Design Engineering and Integration support services for GEN 4.5 a-Si and IGZO Thin Film Transistors and a-Si Photodiode process development, physical layout, design rule development for manufacturability, device modeling, circuit simulations and full suite design sign-off. The design engineering team is highly experienced in transitioning products from R&D to full volume production.

For more information, contact the dpiX team directly at +1 719-457-7700, or email [email protected]