Custom Designed X-Ray Sensors Leadership and Excellence

dpiX is the World Leader in Digital X-Ray Optical Sensors designed, engineered and manufactured using GEN 4.5 (730mm X 920mm) glass and polyimide (flexible plastic) substrates focused on amorphous silicon (a-Si) and IGZO Thin Film Transistors and a-Si Photodiode technologies.

Medical Applications

Allowing for higher resolution images while utilizing lower doses of radiation through digital detectors, dpiX arrays replace conventional film-based systems while simultaneously providing a more efficient way to capture high-quality images and virtually eliminating the need for retakes.

Digital systems, that utilize flat detectors using dpiX sensor arrays, are on the cutting edge of radiographic imaging. In addition to superior performance, these systems benefit all by providing excellent image clarity for the physicians that utilize them and a lower dose of radiation for the patients. The benefits of the applications are endless – the dpiX sensors in flat detectors can be utilized for improved cardiovascular care of patients, utilized in the detection and treatment of oncological patients, or used for the rapid 3D reconstruction of a patient’s mouth or jaw in a dentist’s or oral surgeon’s care.

Non-destructive Testing (NDT) Applications

Immediate X-ray images allow for a wide variety of industrial applications – from electronic component inspection to high volume manufacturing inspection to structural integrity or process analysis. Examples of products utilizing NDT applications include miniature electronics, industrial pipelines, massive machinery, BGA circuit board, etc. Utilizing digital imagery with dpiX arrays allows for the detection tiny imperfections in circuits and connections – thereby preventing significant cost in redesign and repair.

Security Applications

dpiX technology allows for use x-ray units that can be utilized to provide fast and mobile ways to take real-time images for use by airport, law enforcement, and military personnel through biometric detection, vehicle or luggage inspection, portable and remote analysis and other security applications.  The ability to quickly view a clear digital “snapshot” or moving image of an object – which can be transmitted electronically for evaluation to associated security offices – is an essential tool for security and protection services. These units can then be used to provide instant imaging of contents of suspicious packages or for routine inspection.

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